September 27, 2017

Getting Started

Admission Process / Getting Started     

Here are the steps to begin a relationship with Qualife:

Step 1: Contact Us

Please submit your information via the Free Consultation / Informational Session Application form. This brief snippet of information will allow us to connect with you to further inform you about beginning services.

Step 2: Free Consultation / Informational Session

We will contact you to schedule a free initial consultation (up to 1 hour) where you will meet the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), discuss concerns, and chat about your family’s needs. Also, we will answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Decide to Begin Services

Once you decide to begin services with Qualife, we will send you the paperwork and Qualife Intake Questionnaire needed to complete the enrollment process. Required policies, procedures, consents, and acknowledgement will be reviewed and documented at this time. You are now a client of Qualife!

Step 4: Assessment and Evaluation

We will work together to schedule dates and times that work for you and your family to give our BCBA the opportunity to complete evaluation interviews, observations, and standardized assessments. This time will help us to identify your child’s strengths, areas of concern, and create empowering goals for your program.

Step 5: Development of Treatment Package

The BCBA will work diligently creating a content-rich and functionally appropriate treatment package founded on the information gathered from the assessment and evaluation process. We use researched-based programs and curricula to create specialized plans for each client.

Step 6: Initial Parent Training

This is the beginning of your continuing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy/consultations where the BCBA will meet with you for 4-6 hours where you learn the principles of ABA, go over your initial report including the Behavior Support Plan and assessment, as well as your Qualife Treatment Package.

Step 7: Immersive Training

Our BCBA spends 30-hours in a week providing one-on-one coaching in your home and community through whatever life brings. This is so that you get the opportunity to receive guided practice in your home environment.

Step 8: Ongoing Consultation Services

Sessions are scheduled at the frequency right for you. These meetings are to ensure that you get any and all of your questions answered, you receive ongoing coaching and training, and to fine tune your family’s program.

Request Free Initial Consultation

Our free initial consultations and informational sessions include a meeting with our BCBA for up to an hour to discuss your concerns, to chat about your family’s needs, and answer any questions you may have. Here we explore your options and you can get to know us, free of charge.

Click here to complete the Initial Consultation Form