September 28, 2017

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Behavioral Intervention for Young Children With Autism: A Manual for Parents and Professionals

A growing body of research shows that many young children with autism and pervasive developmental disorders can derive significant, lasting, and sometimes dramatic benefits from early intervention founded on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. This manual, inspired by that research, provides a wealth of practical information for parents, professionals, and others concerned with helping such children. Authors include parents whose children have been the beneficiaries of a science based approach to autism treatment, as well as many noted researchers and experienced clinicians.

The manual gives the reader concrete information on how to evaluate treatment options and differentiate scientifically validated interventions from fads and miracle cures, assess children’s skills, needs, and progress objectively and systematically, teach children a wide variety of important skills, ranging from basics such as listening and looking, to complex language and social skills, and determine who is competent to deliver and supervise behavioral intervention.

A Work in Progress: : Behavior Management Strategies and a Curriculum for Intensive Behavioral Treatment for Autism

Guide to Educate Children Diagnosed with Autism Through Applied Behavior Analysis







From Emotions to Advocacy

Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy, second edition will teach you how to plan, prepare, organize and get quality special education services. In this comprehensive, easy-to-read book, you will learn your child’s disability and educational needs, how to create a simple method for organizing your child’s file and devising a master plan for your child’s special education. You will understand parent-school conflict, how to create paper trails, and effective letter writing. This book includes dozens of worksheets, forms, and sample letters that you can tailor to your needs. Whether you are new to special education or an experienced advocate this book will provide a clear roadmap to effective advocacy for your child. You will use this book again and again.

Applied Behavior Analysis, 2nd Edition

Applied Behavior Analysis provides a complete description of the principles and procedures needed to systematically change socially significant behavior and to understand the reasons for that change. This comprehensive text, appropriate for courses in basic principles, applications, and behavioral research methods, helps students, educators, and practitioners appreciate and begin to acquire the conceptual and technical skills necessary to foster socially adaptive behavior in diverse individuals.





Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking Curriculum

The Incredible Five Point Scale

Handwriting Without Tears

Carol Gray’s Social Stories

CIRCLES® Curriculum