September 23, 2017


Frequently Asked Questions

Why in-home and community-based services?

Because that is where you live. There are perks to having services provided in a clinic-based program and that can be a great option if it is the type of service that your family desires. Qualife believes that training provided in the child’s own environment creates the most sustainable change. In ABA, “programming for generalization” is a top priority. That means that at the outset of treatment, we consider how your family will use the skills being taught in a variety of “real-life” situations. When receiving services in a natural setting, we have the opportunity to work with your child on responding to things that come up organically, since that is how real life works.

Why do you only provide parent/caregiver training?

Using the parent/caregiver training model, therapeutic-style interactions can be utilized outside of scheduled therapy hours. The initial investment of parent/caregiver training creates a foundation for all interactions to come in the future. This creates consistency in your child’s routine and supports the acquisition of skills. Not only does this assist the family in achieving progress, it cuts down on the costs of continuing therapy. By providing caregivers with training, the costs of continuing one-on-one services are much less relative to taking a child to a clinic or paying for therapists to come into the home. As most families are on a budget, continuing services with these other high-cost models can put a strain on you. Qualife provides an initial “download” of information to set your family out on the right foot, as well as continuing education to maintain and improve caregivers’ skills in working with your child.

ABA is a treatment for autism, right?

Not necessarily. ABA has been researched for people of all ages with and without various diagnoses. ABA is the science of behavior applied to real-life situations, thus it can work effectively in a variety of situations. Please read more on our ABA page.

Do you have a waitlist?

Qualife does not currently have a waitlist for services. Please contact us to discuss services with your family.

Do you train relatives and others in my child’s life besides immediate family members?

Absolutely! Qualife wants to support your child in every situation and consistency is the core of that. By training everyone in your child’s support system, consistency is more likely. Parent participation is foundational to Qualife’s service model, and we can alter the treatment plan to include anyone you choose to get involved.

My child does not have a diagnosis but has some behavioral challenges. Can we get services?

Yes! Qualife is a self-pay practice and we are not at the mercy of insurance companies. We can work with anyone, with or without a diagnosis.

My child goes to a clinic for behavioral therapy already, can we still work with you?

Yes. Qualife will need information regarding your case manager at the clinic you work with in order to make sure that we collaborate effectively. An information release form will need to be filled out in order to ensure that privacy practices are met appropriately. You should contact your insurance company to see if you can get both behavioral intervention at the clinic and our parent/caregiver training services covered under your policy.

We finished our initial parent training and immersive training. We have new issues! What do we do?

Qualife provides consultation services at a variety of intensities varying from three days per week to once per month and recommends that you continue meeting with us for at least a six-month period. We will not leave you on your own after your training. These follow-up consultations ensure that we go over any new issues that arise, answer any questions, and review the treatment package. We support you throughout the growth process and want to ensure that your family is moving forward.

What if my family decides to stop meeting with Qualife?

You can discontinue services at any time. It is your right. If you choose to discontinue services, you are responsible for paying for any services that you have received prior to your decision.

I don’t live in the Austin, TX area. Can you still work with us?

Yes. Qualife will travel to work with your family. Please contact us to chat about services outside of Austin, TX. Use the subject line, “Training outside ATX” and state your place of residence in the message.

Do you take insurance?

Depending on the state that you live in, you may be covered under your medical insurance for “focused ABA” services. Qualife is not able to process insurance at this time. Contact your insurance provider to see if you are covered and what may be needed to file a claim. Qualife can provide a “Superbill” that includes services provided along with CPT and ICD-10 codes. The billing form is designed to furnish necessary information for insurance companies. Attach the billing form to your insurance claim as you would other medical receipts for submission. If further documentation of services is required, please contact Qualife to see if we can help you out with proof of services. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance provider. Since we are not a party to that contract, it is your responsibility to collect reimbursement from your insurance company. If therapy expenses are not covered by your insurance policy and you are private pay, we recommend that you keep billing statements to submit with income taxes as a medical deduction.