September 22, 2017


Qualife currently has immediate space available for clients to receive ABA services. Our services are individualized to provide your family with a tailored treatment package that provides you with the greatest possible amount of progress. Our organization collaborates with you to develop and maintain a service model that meets the needs of your child and your family.



At the outset of services, Qualife consultants gather as much information about your child and family as possible in order to provide informed and individualized recommendations and packages. Our BCBA completes an assessment which includes record reviews, developmental and behavioral history reviews, observations, interviews of caregivers, Functional Assessment Interviews (FAI) and Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), standardized assessments (e.g., Vineland, VB-MAPP, AFLS, etc.), the creation of a tangible report with a Behavior Support Plan, and the writing of goals and recommendations. The time to complete the assessment process varies depending on the specific assessment procedures needed, as everything is personalized to your family.

Treatment Package Creation

Each child is unique and therefore we believe it is our job to design a treatment package that is specific to your family’s needs. Once the assessment is completed, the analyst writes a report that encompasses the treatment package. This includes selecting appropriate methods of data collection, individualized programs to accomplish goals, develop protocols coaching you through the implementation of the programs and Behavior Support Plan, and creating supplemental training resources with visual and program materials. We continually assess each child’s needs and update the specialized program for each child with research-based curricula.

Some interventions that Qualife has experience with are:

  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Antecedent Management
  • Natural Environment Training
  • Verbal Behavior
  • Discrete Trial Teaching
  • Task Analysis
  • Prompt Fading / Errorless Learning
  • Token Economies
  • Social Stories
  • Modeling / Role Playing
  • Visual Aids
  • A Variety of Social, Emotional, and Coping Skills Curricula

The main aspect of the treatment package is the Behavior Support Plan that is developed from Functional Assessment Interviews and a Functional Behavior Assessment. Behavior Support Plans increase the acquisition and use of new skills, decrease problem behaviors, and facilitate general improvements in the quality of life of the child, their family, and members of the support team.

In addition to the Behavior Support Plan, the BCBA will create individualized goals and recommendations. The report includes these general and specific goals with time frames for achievement. In order to achieve the decided goals and recommendations, the BCBA will develop programming and curricula, and will create supplemental materials, such as protocols, visual aids, and data collection procedures, to assist in training and implementation. These goals and the programs based on them can be adjusted according to how your child responds. If the programs are found to be too challenging, the BCBA can change aspects to a lower intensity. As your child continues to make progress and advances, more challenging goals and programs can be added.

Some common goals Qualife has worked toward:

  • Disruptive and Challenging Behavior
  • Replacement Behaviors
  • Communication Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Tolerance of Demands
  • Coping Skills
  • Functional Living Skills
  • Toilet Training
  • Academic Readiness
  • Self-Help Skills
  • Parent Training and Support
  • And More…

Parent Training

Qualife concentrates on parent/caregiver training as the heart of the therapeutic plan. Children usually spend most of their daily lives outside of school and therapies, thus they spend more time interacting with their parents and caregivers. Qualife aims to provide the skills and empowerment necessary to adeptly encourage and carry out therapeutic interactions throughout the day. By offering strategies, tactics, and plans to families, sustainable progress can be made.

All of Qualife’s service models include an initial parent training that consists of a four-to-six-hour meeting with the parents/caregivers of the child, where they learn the principles of ABA, review the Behavior Support Plan, the report, the assessment, the treatment package, and individualized trainings.

Qualife’s Immersive Training Program distinguishes us from other providers. This program gives valuable one-on-one training, coaching, and support with a BCBA in your home and community for 30 hours over the course of a week. Providing this hands-on training and coaching regarding the Behavior Support Plan and programs/curricula allows the BCBA to engage in day-to-day living with you and your family. This will address any and all behaviors that may come up and gives you guidance and support every step of the way! Your family will work together with Qualife to determine the best schedule, in order to provide this training during times that are of the most concern/need. This way you have the expertise of our BCBA during times when you need it the most.

This practical training empowers your family to support your child’s progress at all times during their every-day interactions.

Consultations and Coaching

After your family receives initial trainings, Consultation Services are scheduled at the appropriate intensity determined by the assessment process. This continuing therapy provides your family the opportunity to get specific answers to questions that arise throughout your growth process. We recommend that our plan for services span at least a 6-month period. Meetings with the BCBA are scheduled at the frequency right for your family. Please note that all of these services are provided in your home or out in the community.

Consultation Services: After the initial parent training and the immersive training take place, follow-up coaching sessions will be scheduled with the BCBA at the intensity mutually chosen by the parents/caregivers and Qualife (e.g., 1-3 times per week).

This service model includes: continued training in program implementation, coaching during outings, supervision of parent/caregiver program implementation, video-reviews, phone consultations, collaboration with your other service providers, review of programs and data, bi-monthly progress reports, program updates, and materials creation.

  • Continued training in program implementation
  • Coaching during outings
  • Supervision of parent/caregiver program implementation
  • Video-reviews
  • Phone consultations
  • Collaboration with your other service providers
  • Review of programs and data
  • Bi-monthly progress reports
  • Program updates
  • Materials creation

A La Carte: After the initial parent training and the immersive training take place, follow up coaching sessions will be scheduled with the BCBA at the intensity mutually chosen by the parents/caregivers and Qualife (i.e., 1-2 times per month).

This service model includes:

  • Continued training in program implementation
  • Phone consultations
  • Review of programs and data
  • Bi-monthly progress reports
  • Program updates
  • Materials creation